A unique range of closed system side-stream filtration devices

Manufactured in the UK, the DosaFil-Duo™ offers high performance filtration, automatic air removal and safe solid or liquid chemical dosing in one easy to install device. The patent pending design incorporates a smart monitoring system as standard which alerts the operator when the unit requires maintenance.  It also comes with a custom made insulated jacket with integrated leak detection strip.

Closed heating and cooling systems are vulnerable to scale, corrosion and fouling which increase energy consumption and reduce equipment life expectancy. The patent pending DosaFil‐Duo® addresses the key concerns of the HVAC market linked to water quality and treatment control enabling systems to be operated and maintained in line with the guidelines detailed in BS8550 and BSRIA BG50. The DosaFil‐Duo® is a safe, convenient and effective way to introduce solid or liquid treatment chemicals into hot or cold closed recirculating water systems while also providing constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal. Smart monitoring notifies the user of the need to change the filter bag. The DosaFil‐Duo is the only device on the market today that combines high performance filtration with air removal and safe chemical dosing capability in both liquid or solid form. DosaFil standard operating pressure and temperature ranges are unmatched in the market today.

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