OXYL-PRO® Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide


OXYL-PRO environmentally safe disinfectant for use in the water treatment industry is a powerful, all purpose broad spectrum disinfectant and decontamination agent which has an excellent ecological profile, its waste products being oxygen and water.

OXYL-PRO has undergone an independent evaluation by WRC as to its efficacy and effectiveness against legionella and biofilms in water systems inside buildings.  The WRC endorsement letter is available on request.

OXYL-PRO is an advanced product formulation and provides a safer alternative to silver peroxide.  OXYL-PRO does not contain any silver or other heavy metals. It is based on food grade hydrogen peroxide with a unique stabilising and activating agent. All ingredients in the stabiliser are listed as food additives using the purest grades available. Because of its unique and complex formulation, OXYL-PRO is a stable and fast acting product.  It provides even distribution in water systems which results in fast destruction of micro-organisms and biofilm.

The product has improved efficacy against Legionella, pseudomonas, fungi and bacteria.   Test results are available on request.

Oxyl-Pro can be used as a fast or slow disinfection.  If time permits, the slow disinfection route can result in significant cost savings for the user.   The product can be used on a continuous basis in water systems at low dose rates to control biofilm.  Only a small residual is required at the outlets.

From 1st October 2015 DWI no longer approve products for use in Section A4, Disinfestation, Disinfection or Cleaning Agents of Waterworks 12 Apparatus and Distribution Systems, where the product is intended for offline use.  Oxyl-Pro can be used for this purpose, providing the product residual is flushed from the system prior to reconnection to mains water.

Other features and benefits:

  • Endorsed for use in water systems inside buildings by the WRc
  • Listed as an approved chemical product for drinking water treatment by Norwegian Food Safety Authority
  • Supported for the Biocide Products Regulation
  • Effective biofilm remover
  • Quickly kills bacteria & fungi, including legionella & pseudomonas
  • Fully effective through a pH range of 3 – 10 and temperatures up to 90oC
  • Has no odour, taint or taste at the recommended rates of use
  • Test strips and dosing equipment are available from Chemiteq Ltd

OXYL-PRO® is supported for the BPR in the following Product Types

  • PT01 – Human Hygiene
  • PT02 – Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals
  • PT03 – Veterinary Hygiene
  • PT04 – Food and Feed area
  • PT05 – Drinking water
  • PT06 – Preservatives for products during storage

OXYL-PRO® is a registered trade mark of Chemiteq Limited and is only available from Chemiteq.

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